Addicted & Calloway Sisters by Becca & Krista Ritchie / Series Review *no spoilers*

*Reading order & my ratings for each installment*



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Raven Cycle / Series review

Raven Cycle review (spoilers!)

#1 The Raven Boys (19/09/2015 – 24/10/2015)

4.5 stars.

I will be honest with you , I had a hard time getting into this book. The writing style is very poetic and strange so it took me a while to get used to the writing style but once I was hooked , I couldn’t stop reading. The dates show you that I read this book a while ago. Details are not fresh in my mind and I didn’t take any notes so this book is pretty blurry for me. We get introduced to Blue and her gang and they all felt like real people to me! I love special and weird characters and you get plenty of that in these books. When Maggie revealed that Noah was dead , I was so shocked!

300 Fox Way is one of the most whimsical and magical settings I have ever read about. The women from 300 Fox Way were all crazy beautiful in their own way. This picture from Tumblr shows exactly how I imagine 300 Fox Way.tumblr_np36qf1agx1sh1pclo1_1280

She wasn’t interested in telling other people’s futures. She was interested in going out and finding her own.

Blue was a breath of fresh air. She was such an original and interesting main character.

#2 The Dream Thieves (7/08/2016 – 9/08/2016)

4 stars.

He was brother to a liar and brother to an angel, son of a dream and son of a dreamer.

I took a star away because I felt like this was a small detour from the overarching plot. Rowan is surprisingly not my favorite Raven boy (Gansey is my favorite one). I was fascinated by Rowan ability to take things out of his dreams. When he is in his dreams with Orphan girl , I felt all so real and magical. tumblr_o7eudhtmIp1tp8q30o1_r2_500

The scene where Kavinsky takes pills with Rowan to sleep made me so uncomfortable , it felt so wrong. Kavinsky has the same abilities than Rowan and because he dreams so much Cabeswater disappeared so I was kind of happy when he died at the end.

The Gray Man is after Ronan Lynch throughout the book. At first I thought this was our bad guy but he turned out to be a nice hit man and he is dating Blue’s mother.

Adam sacrificed himself for Cabeswater. He was basically the eyes and feet for Cabeswater. Till this day I don’t completely understand what that means.

At the end Blue’s mother disappeared to find Blue’s father. I felt really bad for Blue.

#3 Blue Lily , Lily Blue (9/08/2016 – 12/08/2016)

5 stars.

There is a lot of progression in this book. The character development is wonderful and there is hope for tumblr_obi7v5CjGT1ryq3yoo1_1280Gansey and Blue! They finally get together (it took long enough) hallelujah! They are so cute together. They hide their relationship from Adam because they don’t want to hurt him. They find this creepy , haunted passage underground. I had a few hard attacks and I was creeped out by the scenes underground where they are searching for Blue’s mother. The Gray man’s boss was originally the bad guy but then you meet Piper and you know something is wrong with her. That couple is so crazy. When she is left underground after finding Blue’s mother and biological father , you know something is going to go wrong. Then Neeve suddenly reappears and wakes up with Piper’s help a demon. What?!! Neeve is power hungry just like Piper and together they want to free the demon.


#4 The Raven King (14/08/2016 – 16/08/2016)

5 stars. One word : PYNCH

tumblr_obdujqf93q1u3cyo2o2_1280Finally I feel like the characters have found their place in the group and are more at peace with themselves after this book. I am kind of angry that Henry became more important in the story than freaking Noah. I was so jealous when Henry was with Gansey when he finds the lost king. When Gansey realizes that king is dead , I felt so sad for him. I thought that with that wish they could save Gansey from his horrible curse. At that point I was so scared and hyperventilating for Gansey. When he was going to sacrifice himself (Adam was possessed by a demon in the car and Ronan was falling apart) by kissing Blue , I was done. But then Noah died instead of Gansey and chose to take his place. WOW! talk about an amazing friendship. The epilogue is just perfection. I am so happy that Gansey , Blue and Henry are exploring the world together. Adam is with Ronan and their “daughter” Opal. Talk about cuteness. Nothing else to say , I am satisfied but in a way I want more. I just found this out! So I am getting more…tumblr_obkf0lYVlU1u36fsvo1_1280


Benedicts series

Series review : Benedicts

My overall rating for this series is 4 stars. This series started out amazing but the last 3 books were a little disappointing. The first 3 books are epic and one of my favorite books because they got me into reading again.

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