Reading wrap up # 2 / February 2018




Recontre Virtuelle (Strong Signal) by Santino Hassel & Megan Erickson was such a great surprise! I have read a book previously by Santino Hassel but this one was really great. I do have to mention the controversy surrounding Santino Hassel. He has done some shady things to gain money, pity from his readers/fans. If you want to know more about the controversy and why he probably won’t ever publish a book again, I refer you to a great post by Brinsbookblog. I do think that Megan Erickson (the co-author) is being screwed over by SH so I wanted to give the book a fair chance. It’s a M/M romance that starts online between Kai, a gamer/lifestreamer, and Garrett a soldier in Afghanistan. They start a friendship online and decide to  meet up but they each have their secrets and slowly things are reveals. The book contains some hot scenes. I would recommend it but I think that it’s difficult to get your hands on a copy. I was really intrigued by the sequel but the whole controversy has left a bad taste in my mouth so I probably won’t be continuing this series.




From Lukov with Love by Mariana Zapata is a new favourite of all time. When I read a Mariana Zapata book I can always expect: a slow burn romance, a lot of tension, some great banter, groveling and two layered main characters. I absolutely loved her newest novel. We follow Jasmine Santos who doesn’t seem to advance in her ice skating career because her partner left her and she can’t find an other one. Ivan Lukov is the golden boy/ star of ice skating. His glory days and not over and he still thrives. He approaches Jasmine with a proposal to become partners and things get messy. Jasmine hates Lukov’s guts. She is a real bitch to him. Their banter and relationship is filled with banter, tension and great dialogue. A winner for me!






Damnable Grace by Tillie Cole is again an amazing installment in the Hades Hangmen series. It’s a dark, dark series where a creepy cult gets mixed in with a gritty biker world. I can’t say a lot about this book because it’s the fifth book in the series. Tillie Cole does follow a formula; a damsel in distress who gets saved by an alpha male/biker. I can see past these clichés and sexist plotline because the world is so well developed and layered. Tillie Cole’s research shines through the novel and doesn’t leave you doubting if it’s real or not. The plot and world get darker with each novel and I can’t wait for the next installment.







The Cruel Prince by Holly Black, is one of the only YA books that I was looking forward to read and what a disappointment. The book received way too much hype before its realise and killed the book for me. I had way too high expectations but I felt like the plotline was nothing new. The characters are these typical characters who get described as cold, badass but act completely the opposite which doesn’t make them believable. I do understand that these characters are supposed to be layered but they felt like characters I have already read about. The novel is not memorable and wouldn’t recommend reading it. If you have a different opinion, please drop them down below.






The Smallest Part by Amy Harmon is also a new favorite. I haven’t been keeping up with Amy Harmon’s releases so I decided to follow her on Instagram and she kept posting quotes and sneak peaks for her upcoming novel and I was immediately intrigued. We follow Mercedes who has always been friends with Cora and Noah. They have been friends since they were little. Cora is the one who joined the party as last one and has always been copying Mercedes. Mercedes has always had feelings for Noah but didn’t want to disrupt their friend group so she never said anything. Cora decides she wants to date Noah and they get married. We follow them years later when Cora tragically dies in a car accident and leaves Noah as a single parent. Slowly, secrets are revealed and the dynamic between Noah and Mercedes changes. We find a lot of things out from Cora’s past and her life. Everything becomes complicated and they’ll have to make difficult decisions. Their friendship and the story is messy and very realistic. Things aren’t easy for anyone. I would highly recommend this novel. Amy Harmon’s writing is absolutely beautiful and mesmerizing.


I am catching up on my reviews. I will probably change the formatting of my reading wrap ups so I can easily catch up. 


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