Reading wrap up / July 2017

From least favorite to my favorite read of the month



A raw look at grief and first love. I am not a fan of YA Contemporary but I absolutely loved this book. Adam Silvera’s writing style fits this story and the main character perfectly. His writing style is simple but pacts a real punch. Adam’s look at grief is realistic and messy and I completely related to the main character. I also loved the way he told Griffin’s story and perspective. He plays with flashbacks and the present and masterfully reveals parts of Griffin’s intricate story. Check out my BookTube-A-Thon wrap up for more details & thoughts.







I think that this is my worst read of the month because I had so high expectations for this book. My friends kept raving about this book on Goodreads and it has a high rating so I went into this book thinking this would be a new favorite but NO. This book was full of clichés and unrealistic drama & characters. (more details in my BookTube-A-Thon wrap up)







★★★★★ (reread)

I’ll never get tired of Archer’s Voice. I originally read this one in 2015 and so I felt like it was high time I reread one of my favorite NA reads and I fell back in love with this book. This is by far one of the most original NA books out there. Archer is not your typical NA bad boy, on the contrary! He is shy, sheltered and not experienced. This guy is a breath of fresh air. Bree is also one of the few female main characters in NA that doesn’t annoy me! Bree moves to a small town to escape a dark time in her past that she keeps having nightmares about. In town she meets Archer, a guy that the whole town talks shit about. Archer doesn’t talk and Bree is immediately intrigued and tries to get to know him. While slowly drawing him out of his shell she unravels Archer’s dark past.

  • Characters 5/5
  • Story 5/5
  • Steamy scenes 5/5


Books that were mentioned in my BookTube-A-Thon wrap up won’t be mentioned here. 


Until It Fades was supposed to be a Cinderella story but sadly didn’t meet my expectations. I liked the characters and the single mother aspect but everything fell very flat for me. The cover is beautiful but the story is soooo disappointing. I expected a single & poor mother that saves a famous & rich hockey-icon for a car accident and they fall in love. In some ways I got that but the story focused way too much on the car accident and the media attention that it got. We spend 75% talking about this car accident with a little sexual tension and then BOOM suddenly they fell for each other and Brett (the hockey-icon) decides he loves her and he’s going to fight for her. It felt so rushed and I wished their romantic story would have started quicker. A lot of mixed feelings ,sadly.





Roar was an unoriginal YA Fantasy heavy in romance so if you don’t like that I wouldn’t recommend this. I sometimes need that sort of guilty pleasure plus I love Cora Cormack for her Rusk University series (NA) so I decided to pick it up. I flew through this book and enjoyed it. I have heard some echos that this book contains a problematic relationship, I personally didn’t get that but I am not the most critical reader out there so I might need to check those reviews out.

The writing style is easy and nothing special. The main characters is your typical Celeana Sardothien character and nothing really special. The crew was also undeveloped for my taste but by far its strongest asset was the world building and the magic system. These parts kept me reading the book till the end. I have never read a book where a crew hunts storms and steal their hearts. The world is unique, layered and by far the most interesting thing in this book.



Simon vs the Homosapiens Agenda was a cute and quick read but again I didn’t click with it completely. I (mostly) don’t like following teenagers in a contemporary setting. It doesn’t keep my attention for long. I liked Simon and Blue and the ending was definitely the best part of the story because we finally see them together. When I read about a MxM relationship I love seeing them together. I find that the most interesting part of the story because I am curious and I want to know more. In History is All You Left Me, the build-up to their relationship is short and sweet but we get to follow the characters in a relationship for the rest of the book and that’s what I want.






The Score is my second favorite book in the Off Campus series by Elle Kennedy (My favorite will always be The Deal). I don’t want to give too much away of the synopsis because I love going into NA with a vague idea of the plot.

If you like ….

  • friends with benefits
  • cocky & hilarious guy
  • girl doesn’t want serious relationship
  • undeniable chemistry
  • steamy scenes
  • slowly growing emotions

You will love The Score!



Wolf by Wolf is an unique twist on WWII, if Hitler had won and afterwards tested on Jews in concentration camps to get his aryan race (blue eyes & blond hair). This is such a twisted but intriguing take on WW II and I loved it! We follow Yael, a former prisoner and lab rat can skinshift. She escapes the concentration camp and joins the resistance. Her mission is to infiltrate a motorcycle race while posing for last year winner, Adele Wolf. She has only one goal: kill Hitler. This was so good and I highly recommend it.






This Savage Song started a little rough but ended up being amazing. In the beginning I got a little confused with the world and the monsters but that issue got easily resolved. The strongest part of this book was Auggie and Kate (the main chacaters). These two main characters are an amazing duo and made this average plot line interesting. The second half is so action packed, I can’t wait to read the sequel!








How To Make a Wish made me cry buckets and I am still not over it. Again, an amazing YA Contemporary. This month is full of surprises! We follow Grace who moves quite a lot around with her unreliable mother. Her mother doesn’t have a stable home for Grace so she moves to her new boyfriend whenever she wants. Grace’s mom infuriated me to no end and I really started disliking the book because of her but then I realized that Ashley Herring Blake is an amazing author if she can make me feel such strong emotions towards these characters. I also loved how Grace has a great FRIENDSHIP with a guy, so refreshing to see. Grace’s romance with Eva was everything I wanted and more. I loved the different topics the author tackles and the way she goes about it. Highly recommended and was almost my favorite read of the month.




The Song of David ripped my heart in two and glued them back together in only 260 pages. I seriously don’t know how Amy Harmon does it. Every time I read a new book by Amy Harmon it’s my new favorite book by her. I honestly can’t decide.

A few of my favorite quotes of this book

“The things that are meant to be are the things we can’t control, the things we don’t cause, the things that happen regardless of who or what we are. Like sunsets and snow-fall and natural disasters. I’ve never believed hardship or suffering was meant to be. I’ve never believed relationships were meant to be. We choose. In large part, we choose. We create, we make mistakes, we burn bridges, we build new ones.”

“The most intimate thing we can do is to allow the people we love most to see us at our worst. At our lowest. At our weakest. True intimacy happens when nothing is perfect.”

What makes this book so beautiful and a stand-out?

  • A blind female character who pole dances
  • A fighter (don’t remember the correct term)
  • A boy with autism (which I could relate with because my brother also has autism (but not as bad as Henry)
  • A supportive friend group
  • A beautiful life lesson
  • Beautiful writing style
    (And hot & passionate scenes ;))

Tell me down below your favorite/worst read of the month!


25 thoughts on “Reading wrap up / July 2017

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  2. Amy Harmon is one of my favorite authors!! Can’t get enough of her books. And I have Savage Song on my tbr. Just need to finish A Conjuring of Light first.;-) Roar was a bit of a disappointment for me. Can’t wait for the next Elle Kennedy ❤️❤️❤️❤️Great books!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, I can’t have enough of Amy Harmon’s books. I really liked This Savage Song so I hope you like it too. I am currently reading A Conjuring of Light and it is taking me a long time to read it. I definitely agree that Roar is a disappointment overall but it was a guilty pleasure for me at that time and it also helped me to get out of a reading slump but I am probably going to lower my rating. I absolutely can’t wait for her Fallen Heir that she co-writers with an other author! Have you read her Paper Princess series? Hope you had a great reading month! ❤️❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      • The Royal series was definitely a guilty pleasure of mine – loved the drama.;-) OMG Fallen Heir – what a day today!!! Can’t wait until tomorrow. I’m listening to Conjuring of Light, and it definitely helps me. I wasn’t all over the series as others apparently were, but now I’m sucked in and I’ll be finishing it how ever long it takes.;-) I’m looking forward to the sequel for ROAR even so it was disappointing the plot and idea behind it was fabulous. Hope the second book has more storm chasing – I missed that the most in ROAR.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yes totally! The Royal series had so many flaws but I am interested in Fallen Heir because it has my favorite brother in it! I also read snippets on Wattpad that the authors posted and it sounds promising. I should probably try out the audiobook for A Conjuring of Light. I have this strange thing where I have a hard time picking it up but when I start reading it, I can’t stop. I think that sequel to Roar is going to be way better because we won’t have all that unnecessary romance and the damsel in distress trope (I hope). If you ever want to buddy read a NA book, I am always game. I don’t know anyone who reads NA so I am always excited when someone reads that genre too.

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      • Elle Kennedy, S.C. Stephens, Amy Harmon, Colleen Hoover, Jane Harvey-Berrick, Brittany C. Cherry, Mia Sheridan, Kristen Callihan, Cora Carmack, Kristen Ashley, Tammara Webber, Tara Sivec and tons other! What about you?

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  3. Great wrap up! Umm…I would have to say that my favorite read of July was either Alex & Eliza by Melissa de la Cruz or Last Call at the Nightshade Lounge by Paul Krueger, and my least favorite read of July was Strange Practice by Vivian Shaw (though that was still a 4 star read, so I really enjoyed it too). I just had a rather good reading month.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You had an amazing reading month if your lowest rating was 4 stars, that’s amazing ! I have a little question regarding your blog. I have tried to view the website that is linked to your account but it says that the website doesn’t exist anymore. Am I doing something wrong or do you have an other link? I am from Belgium so I don’t really get the Hamilton hype but I am glad you enjoyed his love story. Are you also a big fan of the musical? I have heard a few things about Last Call at Nightshade because it contains some cocktail recipes (I think). Did you try them out? Thanks for commenting, it made my day!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah, I had a great reading month last month. I just checked my site, and everything looks fine from here. Also, yes, I am a huge fan of Hamilton the musical. I still need to see it live though. I listen to the soundtrack quite a lot.

        Last Call at the Nightshade Lounge does include cocktail recipes and I intend to try them at some point, but haven’t had the pleasure just yet. I’m also a bit of a fan of making cupcakes with alcohol so anytime I find recipes for those I like to try them as well.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I realised my mistake the account you comment with is linked to your name and not your book blog so I am trying to click on a non-existing site. Oh I love cupcakes! I hope you share your recipes with alcohol on your blog or maybe some pics! (I love food pics)

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oh, okay. Well I’m glad you figured that out.

        As for the recipes and photos and such, maybe I could write up a post about that at some point. Hmm…maybe I’ll turn it into a book tag, but include recipes as well. I’ll have to think about this now.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I’ve been doing some research for this tag, and now I’m convinced that I need like a week off work to bake all of these cupcake recipes and then just have a boozy cupcake party.

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    • I am interested in The Handmaid’s Tale since the TV-series came out. But I don’t know if I could read a book about such a hard topic with a horrible world for women. I am still on the fence about it if I am going to try it.
      It’s great when you don’t have a worst read of the month!
      I read quite a lot in July and August because I don’t have college and I also read mostly New Adult so these tend to get read quickly.

      Liked by 1 person

      • It was a really good read but it definitely made me really angry. But usually that makes me more passionate about causes. I have only seen the pilot so not sure how that ends but I thought the book ended well except for the very end, which isn’t like a bad ending, but just really dry writing compared to the rest of the book.

        Nice. I tend to read the most on my lunch break at work so I’m good if I get 7 lately. But that’s OK. Enjoy the extra reading time!

        Liked by 1 person

      • I don’t know if my English is that good… I have heard it’s quite difficult to read because it’s a classic. I also get more passionate when I read books that impacts me and contains a strong message, to empower women. But I am scared when I heard some key elements that were in this book (rape,…) I don’t feel comfortable reading about that.

        7 is already amazing! When I start college in September, I’ll only read 4-6 books a month.


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