New Adult / Book Tag (French – English Edition)

I found this tag on different French blogs and because I am a big fan of New Adult , I had to do this tag! I’ll try to translate the questions to English. Please do this tag and link it down below or recommend me your favorite New Adult book!

1. Quel est votre New Adult préféré ? (allez, on est gentille, vous pouvez en choisir 2 ^^)

Favorite New Adult read (max. 2)


2. Quel est le New Adult que vous avez choisi uniquement pour la couverture ?

New Adult you picked up for its cover

I just bought this one because of its cover.

3. Quel est le New Adult qui vous a le plus ému ?

Most emotional New Adult read

  • I want to add The Law of Moses by Amy Harmon


4. Quel est votre héros de New Adult préféré ? Celui qui vous émoustille, celui à qui vous avez pensé pendant des semaines et des semaines entières, qui a hanté vos rêves les plus fous.

Favorite male love interest (the one you thought about for weeks and makes you dream)

Joshua Templeman from The Hating Game.

I also have a big crush on Rhysand from the ACOTAR series but I don’t really count that as New Adult romance but he would be my first pick for sure.

5. Quel est le New Adult qui vous le plus déçu ?

Most disappointing New Adult read

I hate this book! This was such a boring. The road trip bored me to tears and both characters are full of clichés. I was so disappointed by this book because this book only gets praise. Huge disappointment for sure!

6. Quel est le premier New Adult que vous avez découvert ?

First New Adult read. The one that made you discover the genre.


I don’t know if this New Adult or Young Adult but this book definitely introduced me to the New Adult genre.

7. Quel est votre auteur de New Adult préféré ?

Favorite New Adult author

Elle Kennedy & Amy Harmon

8. Qu’est ce qui vous plait dans ce genre de lectures ?

Favorite aspect in New Adult books

Hahaha how is this even a question. Euhhh well the steamy scenes duh! But also the characters are older so I can relate more with their struggles.

9. Quelle est votre maisons d’édition préférée pour les New Adult ?

Favorite publishing house 

I would say Atria books (from Simon & Schuster) because they create some amazing covers for their books.

10. Quels New Adult voudriez-vous voir adapté au cinéma ?

A New Adult book you want to see adapted into a movie

I would love to see On The Island as a movie because the setting would be amazing and their adventure would make a great movie!



9 thoughts on “New Adult / Book Tag (French – English Edition)

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    • Yes I totally agree! I am happy they changed the covers because they were honestly horrible and didn’t reflect the story at all. The story contains a surprising amount of depth and amazing characters.

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