A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas / book review *spoilers*

  • Rating : 5 stars (maybe?)
  • NA, Fantasy

This was one of my most anticipated releases and I still don’t know how I feel about it. I have some mixed feelings and those feelings might get me a lot of hate so please be nice.

The Things I loved 

  • I loved Feyre’s shenanigans in The Spring Court. I loved how she tried to make Tamlin jealous by going to Lucien to seek comfort after a “nightmare”.
  • I loved how Feyre and Lucien killed the Hybern’s cousin & niece and when she made Ianthe break her own hand. Those were some brutal and action packed scenes.
  • I also really liked Lucien and Feyre trip to get to the Night Court. They both were unsure of each other’s intentions. When they were suddenly ambushed by Lucien’s “brothers” from the Autumn Court, I was so scared that something would happen but fortunately Cassian and Azriel saved the day.
  • Feyre finally seeing Rhys again was heartbreaking and it was so heartwarming to see them finally reconnect.
  •  Cassian and Nesta’s bickering and banter and off the charts chemistry was the highlight of this book. (The next book has to be from their perspective!)
  • We get to know more of Azriel & Mor’s backstory , which I loved. (I appreciate Sarah finally putting some diversity in her books.)
  • Elain is a seer! What a plot twist.
  • The meeting with all of the other high lords from the other courts was highly entertaining and full with reveals. I loved meeting all of these characters (especially Helion and Vivian).
  • I hope to see more of Helion and maybe him getting to know his son LUCIEN. Who saw that coming?!
  • The battlefields were heartwreching and I loved Nesta and Cassian sudden closeness.
  • Tamlin’ redemption at the end was what I wanted.
  • The ending was beautiful (last chapters)

The Things I Disliked

  • Seeing so little of Amren (she miss her witty remarks)
  • Only getting Feyre’s POV, this was one of the major things that bothered me with this book. I felt very hindered by only getting her POV. I would have loved to get a few different perspective on everything that was happening.
  • Cassian healing was kind of not important and I would have loved seeing Nesta take care of him.
  • Tamlin being a jerk at the meeting.
  • Nesta having a shitty personality 60% of the book. I would have loved to see Elain and Nesta training with the Inner Circle.
  • Lucien and Elain getting no progression with their mating bond.
  • Mor’s revelation felt a little forced and coming from no where. I don’t like to think that Azriel had being led on my Mor for centuries. It just doesn’t make sense. How crappy of a friend can you be to make him thing that he’s unworthy of you so you can hide your sexual identity.
  • A lot of things are left unresolved!!!! (big frustration)

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