A Court of Wings and Ruin / Predictions & Theories

My most anticipated release is almost coming out so I have decided to share my predictions and theories. I am going to answer abookandacoffee ACOWAR prediction questions. Please share your predictions down below! This will contain spoilers for A Court of Mist and Fury!!

1) Do you want any other POVs besides Rhys or Feyre? Which?

I would love to read sometimes from the Inner Circle’s POVs. It would be great to see what they are feeling. I would love to see a few chapters in Nesta’s and Elain’s POV, to see how they feel about the Night Court.

2) If you could only pick one ship, elucien, nessian, or moriel, to officially become canon (IE declaration of love or, ahem, physical consummation), which would it be?

I would love to see Nesta and Cassian’s relationship develop slowly while they come together to fight the king of Hybern. At the end I want to see of course Elain and Lucien ‘s mate bond.

3) Do you have any theories about what will happen with the war?

I hope there will be this epic battle against The King of Hybern. I want to see everyone team up against him.

4) Cassian’s wings. Go.

I really hope they heal his wings and that Nesta has to take care of him through his recovery (#goals).

5) Do you think we will see Miryam and Drakon? Do you want to?

I want to see them appear in ACOWAR because we got quite a lot of backstory about them in ACOMAF and I don’t think Sarah did this for no reason.

6) Which character (outside of Rhys and Feyre) do you want to see getting the most development?

I can’t chose between Lucien and Nesta. I want to see Lucien stand up to Tamlin and get to know more of his backstory but also I want Nesta to become part of The Night Court and see her become this epic warrior. It was clear when she became Fae that she was different and strong.

7) Tamlin: redemption or death?

Ddefinitely redemption! Tamlin went also though traumatic events under the mountain and I would like to see him realise that his attitude was wrong.

8) Do you think anyone will die in ACOWAR (that we care about, that is)? Who?

I will not accept any deaths except for The King of Hybern and these evil mortal queens.

9) What role do you think the other courts will play in the war?

I hope that Tarquin’s court and the other courts are going to team up against the king but we didn’t get a lot of the other courts so I don’t know how that’s going to play out.

10) Are there any minor characters (e.g. the Bone Carver, the Weaver) that you’d like to see again?

I don’t really care if these minor characters reappear. I can imagine that the Bone Carver might be of some help in the war.

11) How effective of a spy do you think Feyre will be, really?

After all of the development she went through in ACOMAF, I really hope she stays loyal to Rhysand and shares everything through their bond. I hope to see her work with Lucien (because her sister is his mate) and to see them spy on Tamlin.

12) Which court do you most want to see in ACOWAR?

The Night Court of course! I want to see Rhyand and the Inner Circke train Nesta and Elain.

13) Lesser fae – do you want to see more of them?

I want to see them be part of Rhysand’s army. Rhysand and Feyre will create social equality between all of the fae.

14) How do you think Elain will react to the mating bond with Lucien?

I think that Elain will react badly in the beginning but because she is calm and rational she will accept it.

15) Would you rather Nesta train as a warrior, or more of a strategist? Do you think she’ll actually be willing to help out the Night Court?

Nesta will be a warrior and a strategist. She is intellectually and physically strong so I think she will help the Night Court.

16) Mor’s power – what would you like it to be?

I don’t really know what Mor’s power is. We haven’t gotten any hints about it so maybe something like mind controlling.

17) What do you think the dynamic between Lucien and Feyre will be like in the Spring Court?

Luicien and Feyre are going to team up and get information from Tamlin.

18) How do you think the Cauldron might come into play in the war?

I have actually no idea. I think it will be used by the King of Hybern to make his army.

19) The mortal queens: do you think they all survived taking a Cauldron bath? What would you like to see happen with them?

I would like them see die on the battle field. I really just hope they die and I don’t care how.

20) Amren: what is she, really? Would you be ok if she got to go home?

Amren is maybe a mix between a fae and a dangerous animal from a far away place. I don’t think she is going to go home. She might get the possibility but she will want to stay with the Inner Circle.

21) Jurian or the King of Hybern or Ianthe: who needs to die more?

The King of Hybern but I wouldn’t mind seeing them all die of course. The King of Hybern has to die more because he might ruin (ha, get it ‘ruin’)  the world and create chaos everywhere. Ianthe has to be band from any court.

22) What smut scenes would you like to see in the book?

I am not opposed to seeing smut scenes between every couple. I would love to see that!!

23) Babies – yea or nay? If you had to pick one couple to have a mini, who would it be?

Yea!! A baby between Rhysand and Feyre in the epilogue is a must have.

24) How do you think Nesta and Elain will react to being thrust into the Night Court after going for a swim in the Cauldron?

They are going to have a hard time in the beginning but they will get over it quickly because war is coming and there are more important things.

25) How quickly are you going to read this book, exactly? Do you want spoilers? Or are you going to avoid tumblr like the plague?

I hope to read ACOWAR in 2-3 days. I am going to avoid social media like the plague. I would hate being spoiled for anything in this book.

26) What are three things you do NOT want from ACOWAR?

  •  my favorite character(s) dying
  •  Feyre and Tamlin having any sort of rekindling of their relationship.
  •  characters betraying each other for what they think is the right thing.

27) What are your top three wishes for ACOWAR that you would metaphorically (or literally) kill for?

  •  A wedding scene between Rhysand and Feyre with an after party where everyone is present
  • Rhysand and Feyre having a family
  • All of my OTPs getting together officially  (Azriel & Mor , Rhysand & Feyre , Nesta & Cassian , Lucien & Elain)

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  1. This is so random of me to comment but I have to tell you that I just came across your blog and that I love it! Honestly, you have a lovely website here and I am so happy I have discovered it! I am going to follow you so I can keep up to date with all of your posts. Keep up the great work!


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