Most disappointing books / 2016

Passenger by Alexandra Bracken

I really wanted to love Passenger but I was sadly enough disappointed by it. Passenger has such an interesting synopsis but the writing style was so boring. I fell asleep numerous times and I kept counting the pages till the end (which is not a good sign). They were travelling all around the world and through time that should have been thrilling but I felt like nothing gripped me. I felt distant to the characters and it’s clear that the writing style made this book boring instead of exciting. I appreciate the diverse characters but that was not enough for me.

The Winner’s Kiss by Marie Rutkoski

The first half is amazing and fast paced but  half way through the book there is a sudden shift in the pacing. They were  preparing for this epic battle and I felt like I was trudging through it. The ending should have been epic but I felt so detached to my favorite character (Kestrel). I really don’t know what happened. It’s still one of my favorite trilogies but this conclusion (the second half) was disappointing. This is on this list because I love the first two books so much and I expected an epic conclusion but it was kind of boring.

The Other Books

Doon was just too cheesy for me. I cringed throughout the whole book , I just really couldn’t believe this story. Breathe was also way too cheesy and I hated the main character , she was so annoying and unrealistic. Everything was exaggerated.

Love In Rewind was disgusting. The love interest falls immediately in love with a 18 year old and calls her little girl constantely. This was in no way a love story for me. This perpetuates an abusive realtionship and romanticizes it. The same thing for Unbreak My Heart , there is a lot of emotional abuse. The main male interest is horrible to the main character. She helpes him with raising his kids after his wife and her best friend died. She is in love with him and he starts falling for her but he feel guilty so he accuses her of horribel things. The had a moment together and he afterwards  tells her that she tricked him ,bitch please you were there too and you didn’t say anything.

9 thoughts on “Most disappointing books / 2016

  1. I also had a super hard time getting through Passenger but thought I was among the few who disliked it…. glad to see someone else who didn’t like it. I was also counting the pages until it ended.

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  2. I was bored through Passenger, too! Everyone says that it’s so good…but it’s just meh. And the end got more interesting. But it was also confusing too.
    Doon looks like a joke book but it has all these 5 star reviews! But I’m learning not to trust those. I’m reading an indie book with a beautiful cover called Slumber and the writing is HORRIBLE!! And some authors have been found out to be buying reviews! So now I only trust blogger reviews bc at least they are more honest than Amazon or Goodreads ones it seems!

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    • Doon is a huge joke. The writing style is very childish and the story is unbelievable cheesy. Selfpublished books have this big problem that they are not checked by an editor. I really think that they should do that before publishing it so they have a bigger chance to be picked up by a publishing house. I also trust blog reviews way more than GD & Amazon. The reviews are not honest or influenced by sponsorships.

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      • So agree! And people like Bella Forrest have bought reviews…I read an article that listed a bunch of authors that have been shown to buy reviews.
        I was reading this book Slumber that has a beautiful cover and tons of great reviews, and I just can’t keep going…there are way too many errors! Shadows of the Forest also looked good, and it was “readable” but very very bizarre.
        I know a couple indies who write great books…but the garbage is getting in the way!

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      • Yes totally agree. I feel like self published books shouldn’t even publish books if they are full of errors. Amy Harmon is the only self published author that I love. I don’t even bother anymore with the other ones. I will definitely not read Slumber because I read books so I can develop my English, I don’t want to learn mistakes.


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