Reading wrap up / September 2016

Monthly reading wrap up!

I really loved all the books I read this month except The Goal by Elle Kennedy. I was looking forward to reading The Goal but I feel like after The Mistake none of the following books compare to the first two books. My Lady Jane was really funny and enjoyable. If you want a fast , “historical” book you need to pick up My Lady Jane by these 3 wonderful authors. I continued reading Amy Harmon’s books and read A Different Blue. A Different Blue was not what I expected. I thought it was going to be a teacher-student romance but I was so wrong. It’s a self-discovery story. The main character’s backstory was super interesting and fascinating but if you want romance this is not the book for you. The romance is slow burning till the last page. I will probably write a full review about EOS. A monthly wrap up is not enough to express my feelings and discuss everything (if that’s even possible) about this book.

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