Bookish Book Lover / Book Tag ’16

What books are you currently reading?

I am trying to finish Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas quickly so I don’t get spoiled by basically everyone on Goodreads. I am also listening to the audiobook of And I Darken by Kiersten White. I am loving them so far…

Favourite book(s) you have read this year?

23437156-1                                                17927395

No words needed. GO READ THEM NOW.

Honorable mentions:

Making Faces by Amy Harmon , The Book Thief by Markus Zusak , Aristotle & Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz , Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare.

What genre have you read most of this year?

Fantasy & New-Adult.

What genre have you read least of this year?

Science-Fiction & Non-Fiction. I am never in the mood to read those genres. I love science-fiction with a little romance but just sci-fi I am not interested in.

What genre do you want to read more of?

Historical Fiction. Last year I read a lot of Historical Fiction last year. It’s one of my favorite genres. This year I haven’t read anything from that genre.That needs to change!

How many books have read this year , and what’s your goal?

My Goodreads goal is 85 books and I’m on 84. I will probably change my goal to 100 books. But school has started again so I can’t read a lot anymore…

What’s the last book you bought?

September 27th

September 27th

What books are you saving up to buy next?

How many books did you check out last from your library?

ZERO. You know why? they don’t have books in English!!

What’s a book you can’t wait to read?

Sorry , I always cheat and have more answers but whatever…

What’s a series you’d recommend to everyone?


Who’s an author you’re hoping writes more?



A few books your heart adores?



What series’ coming conclusion makes you sad?

September 27th

September 27th

repetitive af…

What books are on your wish-list?


I tag :


Special thanks to…

Thank you for tagging me Cassiopeia’s moon!

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