Did I mention I love you? (DIMILY #1) / book review


  • 1/5
  • Contemporary
    tumblr_n1teiytoer1su7sauo1_500Why you ask? Let me tell you.


Book review (no spoilers)

1.The forbidden crush on your stepbrother cliché *so original* *has never been done before*
2.The stepbrother has a dark secret that he can’t reveal. When he reveals it (at the end of the book) , it’s too late so you cannot erase the bad image you have of him. He is a complete asshole to the main character because of this ‘big secret’ that he cannot share with her.
3.The stepbrother has already a girlfriend and cheates on her with his stepsister. The stepbrother does not want to break up with this girlfriend because she would become crazy.
4.He uses drugs (with the mother knowing) and that is not an issue in the book.
5.There is tons of slut shaming.
6.The characters are unrelatable. (I am close to the main character’s age and she has done things that I could never fathom doing in my life.)
7.The stepbrother’s girlfriend is a complete sociopath and fakes a pregnancy so that her boyfriend cannot break up with her.
So basically I strongly disliked this book. There some important issues in this book and they are not adressed properly. I have left out some things because they are spoilery.

  • My overall thoughts : (the gif)



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