Queen of Shadows (Throne of Glass #4) / book review


  • 4.25/5
  • Fantasy

Book review (spoilers!)

If I had written this book review just after finishing this book , I would have given it immediately 5 stars. After a few days of thinking, I realised this was probably my least favorite book of the series. Some things that happened in this book didn’t sit well with me. I will split up this review in to two parts: the positive part and the ‘negative’ part.

The things I loved

  • Pacing of the story : The pacing was on point. I was never bored throughout this book. Everything felt well paced.
  • The Manon chapters : the Manon and Abraxos story line in Heir of Fire was fine but not the most interesting thing. But , In Queen of Shadows I was addicted to the Manon chapters. Asterin was a reason and of course the character development of Manon. When Asterin told her story to Manon , I couldn’t contain my tears , her story was so sad but full of hope. When Manon meat Dorian I was so excited. I hope they become something. Do you ship them too?


  • Dorian chapters : Dorian fighting the Valc prince was so heartbreaking. His chapters were so sad and tore at my heart.
  • Aedion’s rescue scene : I loved this scene. I was on the edge of my seat constanlty. I was impressed by scene. I love how Aelin rescued her cousin.
  • Lysandra : She was an amazing partner in crime & friend to Aelin. I am so happy that Aelin has a female friend again. After Nehemia I didn’t think there would be a female friend coming into the picture.


  • Arobynn scenes : They were full of tension and I loved them. The dinner were Arobynn sliped the ring onto Aelin’s finger was such an unforgettable scene.
  • Last 100 pages : BREATHTAKING

The things I didn’t enjoy so much

  • CHAOL : I am going to kill him. I loved him so much till this book. What happened to him?! I am kind of angry that he was so out of character. He was an other person. My Celeana x Chaol ship officially crashed like the titanic , I am destroyed by it.


  • Rowan x Aelin : I kind of wish they had stayed in a platonic relationship but secretly I love fae’s relationship. I don’t know if I am completely on board yet.


Let’s go rattle the stars.

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