Benedicts series

Series review : Benedicts

My overall rating for this series is 4 stars. This series started out amazing but the last 3 books were a little disappointing. The first 3 books are epic and one of my favorite books because they got me into reading again.

In the first book we follow a girl called Sky that moves from England to America.She meets Zed , the 7th son in the Benedict family. Every brother is different and special. I loved all of the brothers. Sky finds out she is a savant , which means that she has special powers. Zed is her soulmate and he has to convince Sky that she is a savant and protect her from evil savants. I loved Zed character. He was the moody bad boy with a good heart.  There exists a novella from Zed’s POV called Challenging Zed.

In the second book we follow Phoenix , a orphan that lives with other criminal savants. One day she has to steal something from Yves as a task. She meets her soulmate Yves Benedict (6th brother) and they go on an adventure. This was my favorite book of the series. Again there is a small novella from Yves’ POV called Burning Yves.

The third book we follow Crystal and her sister Diamond. They both find their soulmate. This one was a little too short for me but I loved seeing everyone together.

Now, The 4th , 5th and 6th are not as memorable as the first 3 ones. For some reason we don’t follow the Benedict family anymore (they become secondary character, they are still present but not the main focus). For me that was a mistake from the author. I grew to love each brother and I don’t feel like their story got justice. I am not interested in these 3 teenage , savant girls that get introduced. But their story is enjoyable and fun to read just not that amazing as the first 3 books.


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