I am currently on summer holiday so I have a lot of time to read but I am in a crisis. I cannot for the life of me choose what book I want to read next! I am currently reading 2 books. Both are not grabbing my attention. I started reading The Winner’s Kiss and I was absolutely loving until I  got in this weird reading funk. I start books and get bored and skip half of the book and just read the ending. So basically I am asking for help. If you know a book that will get me into reading again , just comment the title down below and I will check it out!

Thank you,


PS.: If there any books you want to read with me (buddy-read) or a book you want me to review just comment it down below!

2 thoughts on “Crisis

  1. Hey Maire- I recommend Shadow by Michael Morpurgo and maybe some of John Green’s book ( Paper Towns, The Fault in our Stars e.t.c)

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    • Thanks! I have read looking for Alaska and The fault in our stars and they are not my cup of tea. I will check out shadow! xx

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