Falling kingdoms


  • Rating : 4.5/5
  • Genres : YA , fantasy

My review (non-spoiler)

Falling kingdoms can be compared to Games of Thrones but for a young adult audience. We follow a multitude of point of views. In the front of the book there are all the characters from each land. Don’t worry ,you will easily make a difference between the characters. They each have a strong and unique voice that you recognize immediately. The tree kingdoms are enemies. Auranos is rich and beautiful land but the other lands are poor and have lost there beautiful climate and because of that they are very vulnerable. Paelsia and Limeros depend on Auranos’ purchases to survive. One day princess Cleo goes with her soon to be husband and best friend to Paeslia to purchase wine. An argument starts there and this will set of a train of events and ultimately start a war between the kingdoms. Limeros and Paelsia team up against Auranos. But there are unexpected twists and turns that you will make you second guess everything. In the first book you only get a taste of the complexity of the story. The story contains action , adventure and a lot of romance (there lies my small issue with this book). If you are interested in a review with spoilers. Comment down below.


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