Eleanor & Park


  • Rating : 5/5
  • Genres : YA , contemporary

My review (spoilers)

This book review on “Eleanor and Park” , written by Rainbow Rowell is going to focus on the complexities and reasons behind the story.This paper will also present the main reasons why I loved this book so much.In the story,Eleanor encounters Park who will help her get out of a very difficult situation,and we will also see where their relationship takes them. There is somewhat of a dark side to the story,given the main characters’ personal circumstances.Indeed,in the book we find out that Eleanor is mistreated by her stepfather,which will bring Eleanor and Park even closer together,as they try to discover each other throughout the story.

Rainbow Rowell is a very well-known author.She is very famous for her other books titled “Fangirl” and “Attachments”. In “Eleanor and Park” , it is impossible for the reader not to become quite fond of and attached to the main characters in the novel. The story is set in a small village , where it would seem everybody knows each other. On the one hand, we have Eleanor who comes from a numerous and poor family, she never gets any presents and dresses badly. On the other hand , we find Park , who is a young lad and likes to blend in with the rest. He comes from a well-to-do family. Park usually likes to wear black clothes and have his headphones on. Parks also seems to have a strange relationship with his father, the father constantly criticizes most things he his son does throughout the story, this causes an undeniable tension between the two characters. This story illustrates how to opposite characters coming from different backgrounds can build a relationship and how that relationship may bloom. This story is also about teenagers seeking to discover who they really are. It is truly about growing up, about the issues teens must deal with and about having a trustworthy companion , who may help you get out of difficult situations.. This book is an exceptional read , because how realistic the author makes it sound. There is an universal aspect to the story given , the multifaceted aspects of the characters personalities. Indeed, throughout the story we can see how the characters evolve and how they learn to react in new ways to the things that happen to them. This book is not suitable for young readers under 12 years of age because of the subject matter behind the book. This genre of writing pertains of writing to contemporary young adult literature.

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